Monday, 31 December 2012

First Interview

  It was just a couple of days back at late night, I came to know about my interview. I was delightful & privileged to know that I'm one among 8 students eligible to attend from my department. The next day ran to my college to get attestation and to complete few formalities. The day came, it took 1 and half hours of travel to reach the spot. I was blank, shivering, nervous, above all had confidence too. I was stunned to see the students gathered there like an ocean. My random guess of heads counted, would be 5000+ To my bliss, I was flying when my name been called out for clearing my 1st round of apps.

  We were then sent to another block for our 2nd level of selection process, Group discussion (GD). For a moment I remembered the "Factory made" show in Discovery channel. A step-by-step process to get the product they wish *wink* I entered a room with two recruiters in the panel. My room was with 20 candidates including me. Our topic was "Unemployment in India", they gave us 5mins time to prepare, to be honest for 3mins I was thinking "I'm here sitting unemployed, what I gonna speak??" Somehow spoke, and I was selected too. I didn't have my lunch that day..! My day just ended happy :)

  I reached home by 9. So much of pains after a 3 hours travel in my busy chennai. I was said, the next day would be with technical & personal HR, also articulation test. And I must report there by 8 sharp. I was totally exhausted, though my physic did not support me I didn't give up. Prepared my best till 1:30. Next day started by 6 in the morning. There were around 1000 students. Finally my turn came, I was so pressurized but didn't show up. The HR was so humble & soft. Just asked to tell about me. I said, he breaked me then & there, asked about my area of interest, my convince towards their job.

  He asked me to wait for a while, after coming out I realized he neither asked me much questions on technical nor gone through my certificates. We were just interacting. Then a man came & called me, he was the one who called me inside too. He whispered, "You can leave for the day, Sorry u haven't been shortlisted". I became blank. I couldn't get what mistake I made. Simply gave a fake smile & left. I felt my whole world became dark, my blood became cold. So much of questions, frustration, struggles; these were ruling me. Many consoled, I'm thankful to those souls. That night I slept with tears & pains. But, the next day I started with a smile learning stuffs from my previous day. It was me & my friend got selected for the 2nd day. And she is placed, honestly feeling so happy for her.

  Fingers crossed, "Let the end of experiences in 2012, bloom with a good career in 2013". My last blog on last day of the year. Wish u all a fabulous New year ahead. Happy 2013 :)

Friday, 21 December 2012

My life in twenty-twelve(2012)

  I would like to make a post about my life this year, on this day 21 December. The date which is been rumored about the end of world. This news came around 6-7 years ago, I was doing my schooling. At that time I was the one who believed & widespread it. I still could remember all the panic faces around me, who was keenly listening to my story. Funny, I'm still alive. Well, the year for me had many ups and downs as usual. I had mixed emotions. Apart from this, I watched many good movies those impressed & touched my heart like; The Dark knight rises, English vinglish, Life of pi, Expendables-2, Neerparavai, Kumki, many more. I did and doing sketching as hobby, singing & dancing as if I lost my nuts; honestly makes me happy!

  To start with, the first few months, I was badly unhappy with much hurts & pains. Was living my life just for name sake. This happened because, I’m a girl who used to adjust & compromise for everything, I just see everything from other's perspective.So won't mind even if I get hurt. But on a single issue, I don’t wanna give up. Later, unfortunately I gave up as usual. Because I don’t wanna be a burden for anyone. I’m a person who seek for happiness of people around me. I started to live happy (I try my best). I wanna deviate myself from thinking much, so engaged with many activities like being in all social sites, hanging out with friends, also I started my blog on this year only :D Now I try maximum to take things light.

  Experienced a lot of stuffs this year; happiness with my whole class girls in a farm house, attended an event called TEDx to open up our minds, got a new bike, for the first time ever from my birth got diwali & birthday on a same day, happy about the excellence in my friend's life, hectic pain of being a coordinator in college symposium, met with a big accident, came to know real faces of people I trust the most, Ah mainly faced two semester exams :P many twists & turns. Sometimes smile at them, sometimes cry. Life is a big mystery. I’m just watching my life as an audience. “What wanna happen let it happen, nothing I could change” this is the thought I hold now.

  On worldwide, happy for Obama to win his re-election, technologically many things being developed at a light speed. Science, we know many inventions, now people could be sent as tour to moon(provided u must pay a big sum). Many climate changes and natural disasters happened, the hurricane sandy and also a recent snow fall in Mexico. Yesterday, I went out for shop, happened to see a mentally-challenged men blabbing something and walking, 3 guys in bike were making fun at him - merciless. A heart-throbbing incident that happened recently in our country made me to think much, Woman being abused. Where our country goes? Really embarrassing. This is being happening everyday, even in newspapers they publish but somewhere at the corner that too after several pages, we are brought to notice only if it happens big. Crap!

  God sake, I really don't understand why the media make it as a news. It indirectly affects the girls' life. I don't know whether it could be eradicated, only thing I suggest to girls is never feel inferior. Just be courageous, no girl is weak even physically. At that situation, I could understand it would be hard but please bring some courage and screw the idiots away. Just give a blow, you can hit with near by objects. One thing, in the whole selfish & fast-moving world no one can save you than yourself. I don't wanna say my opposite gender is completely bad. No one is perfect in this world. I know many good boys and bad girls. Thing is girls are being affected & abused enormously. Fingers-crossed for a birth of good era.

  Thanks for reading about me and my views of this year. Hope you all must have a wonderful year ahead with all your wishes come true..! hope the same for me ;) Advance Happy New Year. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Tiny House, Happy Life?

Imagine stepping into a house 25 times smaller than your current abode. For the average American, that would amount to 100 square feet, a space so tiny it feels like it belongs in a tree.

That’s the way Jay Shafer has come home for the past decade. Shafer is considered something of a patriarch of the tiny house movement, a small but growing band of people who drastically shrink their living space in hopes of living a cheaper, less wasteful, and happier life.

Shafer started building tiny houses in the late 90s, attracted to the idea of living with fewer possessions. “When you live in a tiny house you only have room for the things that truly matter,” he told us when we visited his current 106-square-foot home in Sebastopol, California. “You have to choose what’s essential.”

        Shafer Tiny House

Jay Shafer's 106-square-foot tiny home in Sebastopol, California.

The tour around his house took about three minutes, and with more than one person inside, we had to flatten ourselves against walls or in doorways–actually, doorway, there’s only one–as we moved around. Inside, Shafer has a kitchen sink and stove, a full bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink, plus a living room area that triples as his office and his dining room. And to sleep? There’s a loft with sky lights that a real estate agent might describe as “cozy” or “intimate.” One person in the bed, two max. But no sitting up suddenly.

The movement has picked up momentum over the past few years. A documentary title Tiny showed one man’s process of building a compact house and transitioning to less space. Many  tiny homes are off the grid, so no one quite knows how many exist. Several companies, including the one Shafer started, Four Lights Tiny House Company, have begun selling kits to build your own house. The average price tag with materials? About $15,000.

One hundred square feet is small. But with a growing population, and finite space in cities, there’s reason to think the future will be filled with smaller, more efficient homes.

In San Francsico, we caught up with Patrick Kennedy, a developer with Berkeley-based Panoramic Interests to find out what that would mean in a city. Kennedy’s company is developing several Bay Area buildings with “micro” apartment units (“We don’t use the word tiny, micro sounds cooler,” Kennedy says).

At 290 square feet, his units are surprisingly roomy. A Murphy bed doubles as a kitchen table. The breakfast nook turns into a window seat. Otherwise you get a full kitchen, ample storage space and a full sized bathroom. Plus, a rare city find: an in-unit washer and dryer. The price tag? About $950 a month, half the rent of traditional one-bedrooms in the area.

“We’re marketing toward hipsters and service workers,” Kennedy jokes. Qualifying as neither, I could see how the opportunity to cut your apartment and your rent in half could have much wider appeal. If similar developments came to Washington D.C., I’d definitely check them out. And if I happened upon a parcel of land, the prospect of building a small house with my own hands (for under $20,000, to boot) is mighty attractive.

Both Shafer and Kennedy admit it’s not for everyone. But most people come around when they see the space and envision their lives without as much clutter. They also start dreaming about having more money at the end of each month. Although not everyone. One woman admitted to Kennedy that, yes, she could live in a 275-square-foot unit. But she’d have to rent another one for her shoes.

   This post is a share from other blog. Click here to see the original link . I believe in "Small things bring big happiness" So Sharing! 

Things I hate about you!

I hate the way you talk to me
I hate the way you cut your hairs
I hate the way you drive your car
I hate it when you stare
I hate your big dumb combat boots
I hate the way you read my mind
I hate you so much it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme
I hate the way you're always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh & even worse when you make me cry
I hate it when you are not around the fact that you didn't call, but mostly I hate the way
I don't hate you, not even close not even a little bit, not even at all.

From The film: 10 things I hate about you

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Elephantfish (Callorhinchus milii)

  The elephant shark, Callorhinchus milii, is a cartilaginous fish (Chondrichthyes). The strange looking Elephantfish has a hoe-shaped structure on the snout. Interestingly, studies so far have shown that the sequence and the gene order (synteny) are more similar between human and elephant shark genomes than between human and teleost fish genomes (fugu and zebrafish) even though humans are more closely related to teleost fishes than to the elephant shark.


Genome Project on Elephant Shark has launched to sequence the whole genome of the elephant shark. The elephant shark has three cone pigments for color vision (like humans). The elephant shark has a dorsal fin with a very sharp spine. The spine has been reputed to be venomous but no serious injuries have yet been reported. The genome of the elephant shark is estimated to be 910 Mb long (Mb = megabases = 1 million basepairs) which is the smallest among all the cartilaginous fishes and one-third the size of the human genome (3000 Mb).
   Its most distinctive feature is a plough-shaped nose that is used to search for food on the seabed. The end of the flexible snout is covered in sensory pores that detect movement and weak electrical currents. Behind and close to the snout is a small mouth with crushing plates. The eyes are large and set high on the head, while the face of this chimaera is traced with a map of sensory mucus-filled canals. The single gill opening is immediately in front of each large sculptured pectoral fin. It is the pectoral fins that supply the animal’s primary means of locomotion.

Annual Migrations and Defence:

Males and females migrate from 200 m depths offshore to enter shallow coastal bays in spring and summer to breed. Here, females drop their golden-colored egg cases which hatch eight months later. Besides being well camouflaged, Elephant Fish defend themselves with a long serrated spine that is just in front of their first large dorsal fin. Elephant Fish often have green eyes, like the other chimaera species and deep-water sharks. When they are caught and hauled to the surface they have yet to react to the surface light and are still a startling metallic green. The body is silvery white, and sometimes has darker markings behind the eyes and on the fins.

Alternative Names:
Elephant Shark, Ghost Shark, Ghostshark, Plownose Chimaera, Reperepe, Silver Fish, White Fillets, Whitefish. 
Size range:
It grows to 1.2m in length.

The Elephantfish occurs off southern Australia and New Zealand.

It lives to depths of at least 200 and 500 meters deep on the continental shelf.

Other behaviors and adaptations:
The Elephantfish has a skeleton made of cartilage. Sharks and rays also have cartilaginous skeletons.
All three groups of fishes are classified in the class Chondrichthyes.

Life cycle:
In spring, females migrate into coastal bays and estuaries to lay their egg cases in sand and muddy substrates. The distinctively-shaped egg cases are sometimes found washed ashore after storms. They are up to 25 cm long, 10 cm wide, and take up to eight months to hatch.

Economic/social impacts:
It is caught commercially in New Zealand and Southern Australia.